Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sometimes I feel like/they're always WATCHING me.

I hear a lot of people say these days that they don't even need a watch anymore, because they've got their cell phones on them and their cell phones have a clock -- younger people, especially, but more and more older people, too.

That would be fine, if the only reason watches existed was to tell time, but that's not all mens watches or women's watches are for.

A good watch is a fashion accessory, every bit as important as your tie or cufflinks or shoes or socks. A watch can say something about you. I've got a really nice-looking, professional watch that has a discreet Buffalo Bills logo on it; from more than a few feet away, the watch simply looks like an expensive, fancy piece of jewelry. Up close, it serves as a conversation piece and a little bit of insight into me.

That's how watches work -- they emphasize an outfit or highlight a bit of your personality. And they can serve as excellent gifts -- who ever heard of giving a CELL PHONE as a reward for service? Nobody. But you get a gold watch for retiring, and watches make great gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, and more. (I frequently buy watches for gifts for people over at Blue; they have seriously low prices and they ship in just two days.)

Johnny Depp recently did a big photo shoot where he wore a watch on a chain. Nobody would do that with a cell phone.

Sure, watches are timekeepers, and they're great for that. I can wear my watch and not have to dig in my pocket to find out what time it is, and I can wear a sport watch while I'm jogging or biking and have my hands free and not worry about dropping my phone just to keep track of my time. But they're more than that.

I hope I've gotten you to rethink watches.


Nancy said...

Watches can also be keepsakes in a way a cell phone will never be. I have a gold pocket watch that was my grandmothers. I had no desire to keep her phone. er, not that my grandmother had a cell phone but still.

Claire Lachance said...

They should make watches you can use as phones like in Dick Tracy, LOL.

anna. said...

a bills fan in packer country? whoa.