Saturday, November 26, 2011

I could be 1/8 of the Avengers! (Are there 8 Avengers? I'll count them: Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, Regis Philbin, Ant Man...)

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? But I didn't even tell you what I wanted? How can you be done if you haven't scratched off that item on your list that reads "That one guy with the blog I read about two times a year but then I end up just leaving a bland comment because MAN he goes on forever and it's always about his shoes or his yard or something."

Speaking of which, I think I left my shoes outside in my yard yesterday.

Anyhow, you know you're not done with your shopping yet, and maybe like me you didn't even start it, but either way you're going to need Geek Alerts, the best possible site to get your Geek News and Promotional Coupons for stuff people really want.

Stuff people really want like-- hear me out, here -- the Captain America hoodie:
Let it sink it, because if you're like me, then you first looked at it and went "No way" but then you didn't stop looking at it, and then you thought, "Actually, I would kind of like that" and now you can't imagine not having one and the day is shot until you go order it.

I'm kind of fun that way.

Geek Alerts, which I've got bookmarked, has even cooler stuff than that (if you can imagine) like superhero coasters, unicorn chopsticks, gloves that let you use touch screens in the cold, funny wristbands, and way way more. If there's a person that likes cool, sci-fi-y, geeky stuff, then they'll love just about anything on the site.

And it's not just that, either: Geek Alerts has all kinds of codes and deals and coupons and whatnot and whozits: they've got discounts stuff like Uncommon Goods source codes and SuperheroStuff promo codes so you can find the stuff you're looking for on their site, and then get the stuff online, and have it shipped to you or to whoever you've got to get a gift for.

(If you're getting it for me, just have it shipped to "Thinking The Lions" at "1 Thinking The Lions Lane,". It'll get here, or I'll release those photos I have of Postmaster General Ira Hainey in flagrante delicto with Jennifer Aniston.)

(Don't know why they never put that on a stamp!)

SO: Geek Alerts. Cool stuff. Discounts on prices. Presents for me. We're done here. I have to go convince Sweetie that office policy requires me to wear a Captain America hoodie on Monday.

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