Sunday, November 20, 2011

Once upon a midnight ... what's a word that rhymes with "meow-y"? (What The H?)

Today on her guest post, Middle Daughter almost forgets the old adage about taking in a stray kitten...


So I have a cat as you all know (Stormy Jett Risotto… or "Norm"), and she and I were sitting on the couch one evening and it was late, around I would say eleven or so at night, and I hear a very faint meow. It sounded very small and it sounded like this cat needed some assistance.

I heard the noise and I looked at Norm and she looked at me and then she looked at the front door. I realized that the meow was not Norm, it was another cat that was wandering around the third floor of my apartment building.

I walked to my front door and I looked through my peep hole to see if I could see anything but I couldn’t so I decided to open my door. I opened the door and I walked into the hallway to see where this faint cry was coming from.

As I walked farther into the hallway I turned to my left and saw this…

(The cutest and tiniest black cat that I named Binx. (Yes for all of you fellow Hocus Pocus fans that is where I got the name from.))

The cat ran to me from the end of the hallway and ran into my apartment. I followed the cat inside because I didn’t want Binx and Norm to get into a fight. I went inside and shut and locked the door and when I turned to find the other cat Norm was growling and hissing at this little kitten. I took the kitten into my bathroom and gave him some food and water. I tried for the next hour or so to get Norm and Binx to get along but it was not happening.

I wanted to make this cat part of my pathetic little family but Norm was just not having. I have not decided whether Norm didn’t like this cat because there was an eleven year age difference or whether this cat was a male or whether Norm enjoyed being the head of the household too much.
I wanted to take this cat in and take care of it and this cat wanted to be part of our family too…so, what the H, Norm?

Who wouldn’t want to take care of a cat that looked like this?


Briane P said...

So what happened to Binx?

Middle said...

The kitty had to go to the Humane Society... :(