Monday, November 14, 2011

What emotion, do you think, would be "Oh, man, Middle is babysitting us!!?" (What The H?)

Once a week, Middle Daughter sends me a guest post. Once every blue moon, I get around to posting them. This one is from when she babysat the twins while Sweetie and I got a night out to celebrate Sweetie's birthday...


A Perfect Evening…

So last weekend I had the pleasure of spending my Saturday evening with the two coolest people in the world.

Mr. Bunches and Mr. F.

They are currently the only two men (well, with The Boy, also) in my life.

Our evening was pretty eventful.

To start Mr. Bunches and I baked 18 cupcakes for Mom (Sweetie).

We then frosted them. I frosted some:

and Mr. Bunches frosted his own:

Mr. Bunches was very proud of his two cupcakes.

I would be too.

After the cupcakes we wanted to work on our emotions…

Here is Happy. “He’s Happy” is what Mr. Bunches likes to say:

“He’s Sad.”

“He’s Mad.”

And last but not least “He’s Surprised.”

But I personally love the emotion that Mr. F was displaying:

“He’s bored and wants me to leave him alone….” Would be what Mr. Bunches would say if he was paying attention to Mr. F.

All in all it was the best Saturday that I have had in a very long time.


Grumpy Bulldog said...


Rusty Webb said...

I had cupcakes today. Then I read your post. It felt... surreal.

Middle said...

Mr. Bunches did an awesome job on the cupcakes they were delicious...I wish I could share them with the world and so weird about eating cupcakes and then reading about them...That never happens to me.

Thank you all for the comments :D