Thursday, February 02, 2012

This Stupid Pineapple Is...Actually a Spaceship! (What the H?...Middle)

But not just any ordinary spaceship, this ship is the mother of all ships. This ship is saving the world one fireball deflection at a time. You see there are some planets that want to destroy Earth. These planets that have a need to destroy the human race are evil cheese planets. Although they are made of cheese these evil planets smell like freshly baked brownies. The reason they smell so good is that Earth becomes attracted to their smell and when Earth gets closer to these planets they load up their lava fireball guns and shot these fireballs at us. (Not so nice of these planets huh? I didn’t think so either) Once these fireballs are shot in our direction the mother ship pineapple covers us with a halo to protect us to we have a shield and nothing and I mean NOTHING can get past this shield. Once these planets realize that there is a shield that is protecting Earth from there plot to devastate millions of people they slowly move away. Once they have moved away the mother ship pineapple lets the halo loose so Earth is free to roam around the galaxy. And it’s not long before we smell that irresistible brownie smell and glide back towards these evil planets only to be saved once again by the heroic Spaceship Pineapple.

(I drew this picture in my paint program on my computer, yes I know I have way too much time on my hands and it took me back to elementary school)


Briane P said...

That's awesome. I'm cracking up.

Middle said...

I liked it!