Sunday, April 22, 2012

Computer Problems...Not Anymore (Middle)

So I officially have decided that I am neither technology challenged nor am I furniture challenged. 
Within the last week I have put together a desk as well as an entire computer system.  For some of you that task may not sound difficult but for me it was.
As far as I can remember computers have not been my strong point.  I usually get scared and run the other direction.  But this time I knew that I would be the only one that would be able to put them together and so I went in with the mindset that I can do this.  And I did. 
A few days ago my computer crashed and I was unable to turn it on.  So I decided that I was going to take it to Madison Computer Works instead of Geek Squad because the past four times that I had problems with it I took it to Geek Squad and the problems were still coming back. 
After I told Madison Computer Works what the problems were they told me that they would call me within the next day and let me know whether they think that I should fix my old computer or purchase a new one. 
Within a day I received a phone call and they were telling me all sorts of other problems with my computer and it was all a result of the fact that my computer was initially put together backwards.  (why Geek Squad could not tell me that I am still a little unsure.)
So he and I (the man fixing my computer) decided that it would be better if I purchased another computer so I met up with him at the store later that day to discuss some possible options.  I found one that I loved and within a day I was able to pick it up and take it home.
Taking it home was the easy part.  When I got home I had t make sure that my desk was put together as well as making sure that I had the mindset of ‘I can do this.’ 
When all of that was said and done I opened the box and began putting the pieces together and let me tell you.  It was easy. 
Now I have a new computer that I can rely on as well as the simple fact that I put it all together and it works. 
So as George Michael would say…’You gotta have faith..”  


PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

Whatever happened to those iMac things where you pretty much just had to plug the power cord in and the keyboard? It gets worse when you have a router and the speakers and all these USB cords for cameras, MP3 players, hard drives, etc. I mean the back of my computer looks like a jungle of wires.

middle said...

thats what mine looks like...and i ended up with three extra cords...everything is working great though so maybe they are just extra...I hope!