Saturday, April 28, 2012

Durable S'mores and the Secret Homes Of Angels. (A Photo Essay)

Every Sunday, I load all the photos from my phone, taken in the previous week, into my computer, with the intention of using them in posts that week.

I take a lot of pictures.  So here are the ones I didn't use last week, sometimes with explanations.


When the boys' therapists come over, on nice days they'll take them out to play and do exercises.  Sometimes that means our front walk becomes a rushing mountain stream.

I couldn't decide if it was awful or wonderful that we've invented a cracker made specifically for a more durable S'more.

Mr Bunches in his bath.

The schedule we made so that Mr Bunches would know when we were going to Target to get his Buzz Lightyear toys.

Mr F wanted to go for a walk as it stopped raining.  So we did...

This was taken at that trip to Target, so we're up to Friday now:

This is from my ongoing series of photos "Children at the Bottom Of Slides":

And this is a closeup of that interior of the slide.  When I was a kid, we'd see reflections of light like this and call them angels:

Can an angel live in a McDonald's playland slide? Sure. Why not?


PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

The close-ups of the plants with the drops on them were really cool.

Andrew Leon said...

Those are some great pictures. The one on the grate is great.
And now I have to go check my Operation, if I can find it, because I don't think mine has the same box cover.

middle said...

love mr red riding hood...and mr shorts over pants hood.. ;)

anna. said...

i'm so glad your kids like buzz lightyear. he's only one of the characters in the BEST CARTOON MOVIE SERIES EVER.

just saying. a definite kron family favorite (aka i can quote every line of each of the three movies).