Saturday, May 26, 2012

Commute in Silence or in Chaos (Middle)

I make somewhat of a commute to work six days a week. It usually takes me about a half hour to get to work on a good day and while I am on the road it gives me a lot of time to think. I take the beltline to work for most of the way but sometimes I take a detour and take a side road to give myself something better to look at than other drivers driving to their jobs.

While I pass drivers or vice versa I get to thinking. I can't help but think that if I am listening loudly to my music in my car what are the other drivers doing?

Are they as well listening to their music?

Are they driving in silence?

Are they listening to an audio book?

I don't know why but lately I have been super curious about this and it has now become a game for me.

A game that I can neither win nor lose because I will never know the true answer but it's fun to make up lives for people that you don't know.

For example; today I was driving to work and I was in a bad mood because I haven't been sleeping all that well lately and so I was listening to some classic hip hop music (quiet loudly I may add) and I couldn’t help but think what people were thinking about me. They couldn't tell what I was listening to unless they were in the car with me and we were going at such a fast speed that there would be no way that they could hear the music through my closed car.

Anyways, so I was driving along and I decided that today would be a day that I would take a detour. I was driving down one of the many roads that are under construction and there was an old man driving an old Cadillac and he looked so sad. It made me wonder why he looked so sad and whether he was, in fact, sad or not. But I had to stop a turn my music down not because I thought that it would disturb him in any way but because I thought maybe I could hear what he was listening to. So we pulled up to a stop light and I rolled down my windows and I heard nothing. He also had his windows down so I could hear that he was not listening to anything.

The sight of him made me sad and I still don't know why but I thought perhaps people don't always use their to and from work commute to listen to music. Perhaps they use that time to reflect on their lives.

What do you use your commute to and from work to do?

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