Tuesday, July 10, 2012

If I were a cop for a day…

There are things and people that I would like to be for a day.  For instance my mother, just to know what it’s like to not only be a mother but be a mother of two autistic young boys.  A cat, to see just how lazy they really are.  And most of all I would love to me a cop. 

The reason I would like to be a cop is to know what a person has to do in order to get pulled over.  I mean I understand pulling someone over for speeding and reckless driving and all that but what about those really dumb drivers that cause accidents for stupid mistakes? 

Instead of pulling someone over or going a few over the speed limit I would pull the people over that cause these people to speed.  The ones that are going way under the speed limit for NO APPARENT reason.

I drive a lot and it has caused so much road rage from stupid people on the road.  For example; when you want to change lanes at the last minute because you weren’t paying attention to the EXIT ONLY sign and you cut me off and make me slam on my brakes I will yell and scream and curse and say things that the devil himself will shake his head at. 

Or let’s say that you are on the highway and you are driving in the fast lane (yes there is such a thing at the fast lane it is the farthest left lane that one can drive in) but instead of going fast you are driving slow.  Not just slow but also to the point that you are parallel to the other cars on the road so it is impossible for me to pass you I am going to throw a fit in my car.  WHAT ARE YOU DOING???

Or if you are driving in the fast lane with your hazards on.  Or if you are driving around with your right blinker on because you will eventually take a right.

This also will include the awesome people who think that they are the best parkers on the world.  If your car takes up two parking spots and you notice this when you get out of your car to go wherever you’re going then MOVE YOUR CAR!  I don’t care if you are only going to be a minute, if I am there wanting to park I will not wait for you.  The world does not revolve around you!

Speaking of the world not revolving around you, if you’re not handicap then you should not be parking in the designated handicap parking spot.  I shouldn’t even have to explain why that one is so wrong. 

So when that day comes I will be pulling all of you offenders of the above mentioned offenses that really frustrates me.  Drive how you should people!!!!!!! 


Briane P said...

If you were a cop then when I got pulled over for speeding when I clearly wasn't, would you listen and not give me a ticket?

Or not pull me over in the first place?

Also, I think that crow flying into your car was a symbol of your obvious terrible road rage.

middle said...

first of all I did not invite that crow into my car and secondly I wouldnt pull you over unless you were speeding with your hazards on in a car that didnt have a driver's side door...