Thursday, July 12, 2012

Richard Nixon is not a suitable workout role model. (Project 190, Day Four)

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As I come along the gravel path through the woods, near the end of my route there is a large open meadow that sprawls before the large hill that marks the end of my run and the beginning of my cool-down.

The woods end, and there is an arch in the trees where the path heads into the meadow.

As I came through that today, the sun was just coming up over the horizon.  The grass was dark green in the shadows and golden-tipped in the sun.  The trees across the meadow formed a fence of leafy sentinels in silhouette above which the sun was just climbing.  And a solitary crane stood, slender and motionless just off the path I had to run.

Sweetie says I'm in a better mood since I started exercising every day.  Who wouldn't be?

Today's workout: Running, outside -- 24 minutes, start to finish.
Latest Weight:  254.
Today's song to pump your fist in the air to when you hear it:  Crunchy Granola Suite, by Neil Diamond.


Here's an actual running tip:  When you run, look up, not down.  When you look up you increase your blood flow in such a way as to elevate your mood.  Whenever I walk or run, I look up.

Also: when I finish a run, I raise my arms in the victory V, like Rocky, or Richard Nixon.  Probably I should do it more like Rocky.


Andrew Leon said...

Wow... that sounds beautiful. Now, if there were just fairies floating around in the field.
We have fairies here, but we don't have a field like you're talking about.

I started the After last night, by the way.

Rusty Webb said...

Look, I commented. I've been thwarted by virus warnings, time out errors, and screens of total black when trying to visit your blogs lately.

Good luck on the new, healthier you project.