Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This means war, body. (Project 190, Day Thirty-Eight)

First the doubly-good news: I worked out yesterday, so I haven't missed a day yet.

And I lost a pound -- the scale this morning said 252! and I think the decision to increase the severity of my workouts no doubt contributed to that.

The bad news, and why I didn't blog yesterday, is that when I went running, it was bad: a continuation of the run I had this weekend, all heavy legs and hard to catch my breath.  I made it through about 75% of the run and was 1/3 of the way up this hill:

When I had to stop and walk a bit, because I started having actual symptoms that I worry about: chest pains.

My rule is dull aches, things like that, get ignored and/or worked through.  Sharp pains get paid attention to, and fast.  You may remember that I've been working through a condition that I call "Yossarian's Liver," and that has never gone away; I had been taking it easy and trying not to aggravate it right up until the day I decided to start Project 190.

Yesterday, though, my body upped the ante and for most of the day I had trouble recovering -- short of breath, chest pains, and the like.

I still worked out today, but out of deference to Sweetie I have decided that yeah, I'll go back and see a doctor again even though that won't do anything, and I only biked today, which was fine because that was what I'd planned on doing anyway.

But I don't intend to give up working out, or even take a day off.  

Today's workout: Biking, level FOUR, 25:00.
Latest weight: 252.
Today's song that ironically (?) was the first one I listened to on my iPod when I started biking:  The Body Says No, The New Pornographers.


PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

Seeing a doctor would be a good idea.

Andrew Leon said...

I started biking again yesterday. It's amazing how many little pains I have in my body in relation to that. And my butt is having to get re-accustomed to the bike seat :(

All of that aside, you are not allowed to workout yourself to death.

Liz said...

Sounds like you reached a plateau. It's supposed to get easier once you push through this.

But, as Andrew said, please don't kill yourself over this.

anna. said...

i really admire your dedication.

and as soon as i typed that, i know it sounds sarcastic but it completely isn't. my knee is sore and it's kind of cold and rainy out which makes me not want to run, but now i feel like i have to. 38 in a row is a lot!