Friday, September 21, 2012

Why does weather make people depressed?
I believe that the weather is merely a tool that people use to think that it’s okay to be depressed. 
There might be a more underlying cause of someone’s sadness or depressing but if the weather is crappy they say that it’s just the day.  The weather is crappy so I am going to be in a crappy mood all day. 
I, for one, strongly dislike when people think this way.  The weather cannot possible be perfect everyday and neither can a person’s life.  Which then leads to a question that I have.  Why let the weather determine your feelings? 
It bothers me when a person can be happy on a bright and sunny day but then if it’s raining the next day they are depressed.  Even if they are happy and are a generally happy person (only upset or sad when the weather is bad) they seem to switch that on and off whenever the weather is anything but bright and sunny. 
I am one to think that if you are a happy person then why let the weather bother you.  The weather is not going to hurt you.   It’s not going to destroy your happiness.  The weather, just like life, is far from perfect. 
Let’s all just live life to the fullest.  If we do that then we can generally be happy and why would we want to deny happiness to ourselves? 


PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

I don't know but I find I am happier on sunny days. Though too many sunny days causes you to go crazy like all those people in Arizona.

anna. said...

i like cloudy days better than sunny ones.

take that, world.

Middle said...

I prefer cloudy rainy days as well...which is why I don't understand why people get so crappy and sad...I LOVE THEM!!

Briane P said...

Who wouldn't be happier on a sunny day? The only thing cloudy days are good for is to give you a day off, maybe, but when it's cold, or rainy, or tornado-y, or such, I find it depressing.

In June, you can throw on a pair of shorts and sandals and a shirt and do anything.

In January, you can throw on jeans and socks and boots and a shirt and a sweater and a coat and gloves and hat and scarf and go outside to shovel your car out of the fourteen inches of snow that fell only to find that you can't get up the hill because it hasn't been plowed yet so you're stuck inside, and somehow it's still cold. THAT is depressing.

middle said...

only with that kind of attitude...