Friday, November 23, 2012

Best Online Coupons is my Best Online Coupon-y friend!

IT'S HERE IT'S HERE IT'S HERE: One of my favorite days of the year: BLACK FRIDAY, which I'm thrilled has pretty much become a real holiday.

Every Black Friday for about 20 years I have made it a point to go out and mingle amongst the crowds and look at the decorations and listen to Christmas music and drive around with my family and eat lunch at a restaurant and otherwise make a day of it, not the least of which day is, of course, shopping.

Which is, in a word... expensive, or would be except that I know about the Black Friday Ads from Best Online Coupons.

Best Online Coupons, which I have bookmarked on my site (I really do! Right there! See?) is a coupon site that helps me save money and afford all those great things that I like to buy on Black Friday, mostly for myself but I sometimes think about others...

("I sometimes think about others" is my motto, because I am like a hero that way)

and Best Online Coupons has deals not just for Black Friday but also for Cyber Monday 2012, that day when we all go back to "work" with our leftovers in our sack lunch and plan on shopping online all day instead of doing any actual work, but for today's purposes, it's enough to note that Best Online Coupons has Walmart Black Friday coupons and savings at all the other stores you are desperate to shop at.  You might even be in line at one of those stores RIGHT NOW, in which case, congratulations on bringing your laptop or tablet with you because it shows how smart you are: You won't get bored in that line, and you can read my blogs and also go over to Best Online Coupons and save MONEY MONEY MONEY on great deals there.

Great deals like three hundred and fifty dollars off a Nikon Camera, or 80% off -- 80 freaking percent!-- off on Big Bang Theory DVDs, or a $49.95 tablet that if you bought it you could be using RIGHT NOW.  Those are great deals and those are just three of the probably zillions *(Legally I have to note there are not ZILLIONS) of deals on Best Online Coupons.  Get a'goin' over there!

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Andrew Leon said...

Well, you know, if I had a tablet and if I did the whole Black Friday thing, I'd be reading your blog while waiting in line.
Have a great Black Friday!