Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I tried to post this to Twitter...

...but for some reason, it never worked. Anyway, I call it "A Monument To Childhood."

(Mr Bunches was confused, I think, as to why I told him to make muscles when he was up there.  I, on the other hand, understood perfectly why Mr Bunches had decided to climb up there.  If I ever stop wanting to climb up on rock towers, then I'll know I'm truly a grown-up.  And I will cry.)

Lest you think I forgot Mr F, here he is in a picture I call "I Miss Summer, Too."

That was taken Sunday morning, when we went to "Spider Park" (the name is explained here) to play.  While Mr Bunches played on the playground, Mr F wandered wistfully around the now-dry, now-quiet Splash Park he loves so much:

I know it's probably just the sepia and black-and-white talking, but I just myself gave a big sigh

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Andrew Leon said...

Great pictures...
dog in lap