Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Godaddy promo codes: like a bellwether for your business? NO, that is NOT correct usage.

You've seen those commercials for Godaddy, right? The ones that stop right at the good part and then send you to the website where you learn that Godaddy is a webhosting site that you can register domain names and you think to yourself two things:

1. Who ever said Danica Patrick was hot? and
2.  Man, hosting a website can be expensive.

I can't help you with the first one -- she's not -- but I can help with the second one, because I can get you to a TON of Godaddy promo codes december to get you started on hosting your own website.  NOTE: ACTUAL WEIGHT OF PROMO CODES MAY VARY.

Let's take a hypothetical situation that will occur in every single person's life today:

MAN:  "I have a great idea for a business and could start it up and leave this humdrum, workaday job where all I do all day is look up the word bellwether to see if my coworker used it correctly."

EVIL BOSS: "HA!  You will never leave here, for you cannot start a business without a website these days and you cannot afford a website!"

ME:  "Excuse me, is there a bathroom in here?"

COWORKER: "The word actually comes from an old English term, bellewether, which meant a bell around the neck of a castrated ram that would lead the flock of sheep.  By listening to the bell in the dark you could tell which way the ram was headed."

MAN:  "Hey, with these promo codes below, I can start a website for really cheap!"


ME:  "About that bathroom..."

And that is a true story.  So go get your book's website, band's music promo spot, or business opportunity on the web now, and use these to get started:

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