Thursday, December 20, 2012

Promo codes! On websites! I've never really talked about such a thing before.

Save at .Com .Net .Org .Tv .Mobi .info and .Tv renewals

I promise this will be the last thing you hear from me about websites, domains, and the need to get yourself a discount on them by using things like the 
Godaddy mobi renewal promo code...

...until the next time.  Bwha ha ha hahahahahaha!

(What do you mean, that doesn't work for me? I'm not EVIL ENOUGH? Is it because I'm wearing that pink button up shirt?  Sweetie SWORE that men were wearing those now.  It was bad enough in the 80s when Tommy Hilfiger was making pink stuff, but now it's back and they've got men's clothing in women's stores.  I AM TAKING THIS THING OFF.)

With a Godaddy mobi coupon you can get or keep your website for less.  And websites are EVERYTHING these days.  Do you know anyone who finds anything from any business without going to a website? No, YOU DO NOT.  Not even you, guy who tries to contradict everything everybody says.

Yes, you do try to.

I am your typical person: I have two arms, two legs, and I do not buy anything without checking out the website for that thing, unless maybe that thing is a cheeseburger, but only because cheeseburgers don't have websites.  Yet.

The point is, if you are are selling something, you need a website.  You have to put pictures of the things you're selling and testimonials of those things and coupons for those things and directions on how to get them and a "buy it now" link.  Because people demand it!  And so you need a website and that means that you can use the Godaddy promo codes  I'm linking to here.

Yes, even you, Guy who... etc. So click the link, get a code, get a site, and get going on your business plan. 

I'm going to go get a cheeseburger.  Bwha ha ha ha hahahahahahaha!


Michael Offutt, Speculative Fiction Author said...

I'm a fan of promo codes when they don't lead to malware and they are for something I desire.

Andrew Leon said...

I am sure cheeseburgers have a website. Did you check