Thursday, January 03, 2013

Free samples by mail? Sign me up! What? I have to sign up MYSELF? WHY IS LIFE SO HARD?

Sweetie and I have decided that this year we have to economize and live on a better budget, which in layman's terms means "No more taking the boys to the toy store every thirty minutes."  The cost of those Legos adds up!

But that does not mean that we have to do without everything, or even ANYTHING, not when I know about, a website that does what the name promises: gives me as many free samples as I can possibly get in a day of clickin.

With All Free Camples, I can getfree stuff 2013 and beyond, and I never miss out because All Free Samples updates me via an email.  And they are constantly adding new free deals they find all over the web.  Right on their front page now are free contact lenses, free conditioner, Amazon mp3 credits and a free Audible audio books membership.  Paging around on the site gets free life insurance quotes, free household products like Pledge and stuff -- all kinds of money-saving ideas and bonuses.

They even break them out into categories, so you can find what you're looking for more quickly.  And the range is amazing.  They've got a "Travel" category, with links to free nights at hotels, free backpacks, and more; but even if someone whose name rhymes with "Petie" says you're not taking a vacation, you can use the "Entertainment" section to find stuff closer to home: free apps for phones and Kindles,  free tickets to shows, and free links to podcasts that ordinarily cost you money.

Economizing doesn't have to mean "no fun."  And it's easy to save money when you get an email telling you what new deals are out there every day.  So you should be like me and go sign up now.

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Andrew Leon said...

But do they give out free Lego samples?