Thursday, January 03, 2013

With the holidays over, I need another topical reference to make this post seem hip and trendy.

Now that we've avoided the fiscal cliff as a nation, it's time for you to think about avoiding your OWN financial dilemmas: Namely, are you paying too much for your website or domain name?

The answer is yes.  You are.  Because you're probably paying more than $1.99 to register your domain name, which is what you'd pay if you used some of those Jaguarpc coupon 2013 I listed above -- or the even more coupon codes you'll get by clicking that link.

Even if you already have a domain name registered, the discount codes you can get at that link are helpful: you can lock up similar domain names and redirect them to your sight.  Let's say you have a hugely popular blog, something where you write about your kids and make dumb jokes and post a lot of pictures and talk about your vacations.  And let's say you have a domain name that mentions NONE of that.  You COULD go get domain names that mention those things: "" or "vacationsarecool" or something -- and redirect them to your site.  That's a trick the big guys use, so why not emulate the ones who are making lots of money.

And, of course, if you DON'T have a website yet, you absolutely need one.  A business without a website is like... like... I don't know what to compare it to, because businesses without websites don't exist very long.

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