Monday, January 14, 2013

His Name Is... (A Photo Essay)

Guess who got a desktop aquarium for his birthday last week, and then set it up yesterday with the help of Mr F and Mr Bunches?

(Me. It was me.)


But it was hard.  The boys really liked the animals.  Both Mr F and Mr Bunches liked the birds, especially the finches.

(My mom used to raise finches.  Sort of.  She used to routinely let her finches go, accidentally.  We referred to her as a Finch Underground Railroad.  There is probably a large population of wild zebra finches living around Hartland, WI.)

Mr Bunches also liked the rabbit:

It was easier for me to resist the "creepy crawly" section of pets.

For me.

Not Mr Bunches:

He loved the snakes.  He later described the snake to me as "nice."

We all liked the goldfish.

Then it was into the fish section.

They have about a zillion fish, 

including something called an "Upside Down Catfish."

which I really wanted, but it turns out that what does best in small office aquariums is a "Betta," or "Siamese Fighting Fish":

Mr Bunches selected one:

And we took him back to the office:

Where we introduced him to his new home:

And we fed him,

And then we poked the food down into the water even though Dad said that he could get it on the top if he wanted:

And, his name is...


Actual conversation we had that led to that naming:

Me: "What should we name him?"

Mr Bunches: "[Mr Bunches]".

Me: "But that's your name.  Shouldn't we call him something else?"

Mr Bunches: *thinks*

Mr Bunches:  "His name is Fish."

Me: "His name is Fish?"

Mr Bunches: *with certainty*: "His. Name. Is. Fish."


Andrew Leon said...

You should get one of those glow in the dark fish that I posted about last year. That would be awesome and how could your kids not love those? I mean, it's a fish -and- a nightlight!

And, just to say, rabbits can be pretty cool.

PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

Fish the fish, brilliant! Why do they call it a USB aquarium? Does it plug into your iPod or something?

Briane P said...

PT: It plugs into the computer for its power. Via a USB port. I don't really get it.

Andrew: My sister had a rabbit when we were younger. "Bo." I remember it seemed to go feral and lived in our basement a lot. Sometimes, it would scream. Have you ever heard a rabbit scream? Unsettling... to say the least.

Boy, this comment went to a dark place pretty fast.

As for glow-in-the-dark fish, I'd love one, but I need a bigger aquarium and since my immediate reaction to EVERYTHING is to make it bigger and more complicated, I'm trying to reduce that and live in the moment.

Liz said...

Fish? Well, I've seen some pretty awful names, so Fish isn't so bad.

Rusty Webb said...

My goodness - does the fishocaplyse happen if your computer crashes? If I were a fish I'd be quite worried.

Andrew Leon said...

I have never heard a rabbit scream, but I have heard that it is, indeed, horrible.