Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Justhost is worth more than one word.

Hello there! It's me again, with a quick word(s) about Justhost promo code. You'll note that I had to say "wordS" because one word wouldn't really tell you about how great Justhost is in getting you set up for a new website or upgrading your old one to a better, cheaper domain name.

I mean, I could go with "cheaper," but that doesn't describe how easy it is to find great deals on domain hosting costs on Justhost.  Or I could go with "easy" but that doesn't tell you just how MANY domain promo codes they've got --- it seems like millions but it's probably not millions.  Maybe, it's millions? I don't know. I didn't count.

I did see that they can get you promo codes ranging from $1 for the first month to a year free to 50% off your registration to more more more, so maybe "more" should be the word I use?

As I've said a lot on this blog, you HAVE to have a website -- maybe several.  I was looking at an author's blog recently, and that author had a blog, and a Goodreads page, and a Twitter feed... but no website dedicated to his books.  He had a couple of books but no websites just for that book, so if you go searching for his books you have to get his Twitter or his blog or something, or you get directed to one of the big booksellers.

If he had a website for each book, that book might start showing up in search engines, and he could have reviews of the book and sample chapters and t-shirts and mugs and stuff inspired by the book, and get it all in one spot, and then put links to his blog and his Twitter feeds and the like.

That's just one way a new or better site can help you.  Bands need a band page.  Politicians need a website.  EVERYONE needs a website.  Well, maybe not everyone, but almost everyone.  That weird guy who's really into macaroni? We don't need his website.  Don't tell him how great Justhost is.

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Michael Offutt, Speculative Fiction Author said...

Interesting. Thanks for sharing your business savvy.