Saturday, May 04, 2013

Don't try to tell ME the universe "just happened." (I'm Not Gonna Die Fat)

Maybe it's the endorphins/lack of oxygen to the brain (same difference?) talking, but I just had a mystical experience while jogging.

My routine, when I jog outside, is that I jog for at least two songs in a row on my iPod before allowing myself to walk for one song, with the rule that I must jog up the final hill, even if technically I am still on a walk-break.

So today, I was on the walking part, and listening to American Music:

and I got to the bottom of the final hill, so time to run, so I clicked to the next song and what came up randomly was Bar Lights:

which has a cool intro so I stuck with it and started up the hill.

This is a song I do not know well, and so I was surprised when I got to 37 seconds into the song and the chorus turned out to be:

And I
Feel alive
feel alive.

Pleasantly surprised, and kept on jogging as the song kept on saying things like

I don't need to be reminded that change is gonna come...

...but the truth is, I'm just getting started.

I mean, how perfect is that song?

and I feel alive I feel alive I feel alive

I was making it up that hill, the one that has stymied me so long in the past, and I was getting to the top and trying to push farther, farther, farther, and I saw my goal -- about a hundred yards past the crest of the hill is a little set of rocks set up as a monument to something or other.

And as I got there, the song got to the part, it's at 2:22 in that version above, where the singer says:

Me I'm gonna live forever

just repeating that over and over for a while

Me I'm gonna live forever

So I raised my arms in victory, and headed on home, as the singer said:

And for the first time, in a long time, I feel alive!


So God has a sense of humor.


Andrew Leon said...

Ah, that's awesome. All of it. I will have to come back later and listen to those songs. Right now, it's off to watch softball.

Elsie Amata said...

ha ha ha! That had me feeling all pumped and then reality kicked in. You're right, God does have a sense of humor.