Thursday, May 02, 2013

If you've never tried to race a luxury penthouse in a Tokyo drift contest, you won't know what I'm talking about.

It's like they're reading my mind!

So a while back I mentioned on one of my blogs that I thought that "Staten Island" was an underrated borough of New York City, what with Manhattan and Brooklyn and the other main borough (Seattle, I think) getting all the press.

And then along comes this used cars Staten Island to remind me one of the great things about Staten Island, which is that RCO Auto Sales can get you a used Cadillac at a great price for a phenomenal car.

And who wouldn't want a quality, luxury, pre-owned Cadillac? It's the pinnacle of automotive achievement, and it announces that you, yes YOU, are a success, simply by owning one.  Which you can do, because RCO has a huge selection of Cadillacs and other used cars for sale in NY.  And they're in Staten Island! Did I mention that? Because I feel like I did.

Anyway: hit those links to hit up RCO for a new pre-owned car.  They've got more than Cadillacs there, but you're gonna want to look at the luxury cars.  Trust me on this. It's like driving an expensive luxury penthouse, only it handles corners better.  (Trust me on that, too.)

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