Saturday, June 29, 2013

Distances are not to scale. (A Minute With Mr Bunches)

The other day, Mr Bunches wanted to play school, so when it was my turn to pick something to do for school, I picked drawing.  Mr Bunches drew THIS:

Which is explained thusly:

What's REALLY mysterious about that picture is the unexplained planet that is amazingly close to the sun.  Is it the CounterEarth? It probably is.


Andrew Leon said...

I was just watching an episode of Spider-Man Unlimited the other day with Counter Earth in it.
I don't recommend that series, though; I was very disappointed with it.
My son wants to point out that Saturn is a gas planet. Although there are plenty of rocks in those rings, so I don't know what he's going on about.

Briane P said...

"Gas Planet" is a misnomer. There's solids in there, according to the book "Space And Beyond," which is my key reference for space (and beyond!), having read it nearly daily for about a year.