Monday, June 24, 2013

So we drove by this parking lot...

... of a local minimall and in the parking lot was a trailer or van with the sides painted for the "Princeton Express" health club that's coming there.

"That's where Middle's husband is joining to work out," Sweetie said.  "He's going to pay $25 per month to work out in a van."

"He's not working out in a van," I said.  "That's just an ad for the club they're opening."

"Are you sure?" Sweetie asked.  "I thought because it said 'Express' they were working out in that thing."

"I'm sure," I said. "They're not working out in the van.  Nobody works out in a van.  Imagine:  'Hi, I'm Don, and this is my Workout Van."  "Uh, Don, this is just a van with some old barbells in it."  "No, it's a van with barbells... express."  "Don, why don't you have pants on?"  "Express."

Sweetie wants me to prove the workout 'express' is not in the van itself. I believe my skit did that perfectly.

Also: I think Don's Workout Express Van is a franchise that could catch on.

I've got lots of imaginary conversations to help market it. Like this one.

"Don, is that your laundry over there?"

"That? Naw: that came with the van when I bought it off Craigslist.  Mind if I put on some Foghat?"

UPDATE: After reading this, Sweetie got into the spirit of it and offered her own Don Conversation (or DonVersation)(TM) :

"Don, didn't your ad say there's a swimming pool?"

"Sure. Well, there's a toilet."

"Why is there a toilet in a van?"


Andrew Leon said...

So it's like a book mobile. A workout mobile. That could actually work, you know. A mobile workout van.

Briane P said...

Possibly, but not Don's version.

Pat Dilloway said...

Don's version sounds like a good idea for pedophiles.

Maurice Mitchell said...

That Donversation is great. LOL I wish he would do that just for the fun of it.

Briane P said...

PT: Don's business is aboveboard, unlike many van-based businesses.

Maurice: Can we sign you up for a one-year membership?