Saturday, August 17, 2013

"Syncretistic" means the combining of different, seemingly inconsistent beliefs. Ask me how I know!

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Scrabble Help
Words: they’re just like us! Never around when you need ‘em. 
As a lawyer, and a blogger, and a writer, and a guy who really, really, loves his pizza, I know a lot of words.
I know that loving pizza doesn’t equal “knowing a lot of words,” unless, say, you are writing a love poem to pizza, which of course I have NOT done. That would be ridiculous. I mean, who would ever write, say, 713 different sonnets to pizza, in which they try to rhyme “leftover pizza for breakfast.”
But let’s say you DID want to rhyme that phrase, just for kicks. Where would you go to look for words?  Because you know you’re going to have to look for them.  How often do you need a word – not just a word that rhymes with ‘breakfast,’ but a word in a game of Words With Friends or Scrabble or a crossword puzzle or a story, and you just can’t think of one?
That’s like, 100% of the time, right?
So where will you look for that word that’s eluding you.  Forget ‘under the couch’ and instead, try the Scrabble Word Finder at BoLS Board Games.
Scrabble Dictionary

BoLS Board Games is this great new site for people who love words and word games.  The site has a wealth of resources for anyone with those interests.  Lists of words that start with X, J, Q, or I, two-letter words, three letter words, and more.  There's a Scrabble Dictionary. A Scrabble Cheat. Everything you need to get better at those games, and to find those words you're missing.
I like to go there and browse around (I’m cool like that) and see the word of the day (Today it’s “syncretistic,” which they not only provide but which they’ll give you anagrams for and scores in Scrabble for.
“BoLS Board Games” is to word lovers what pizza is to me. Check it out today. And now let me get back to the important stuff I was working on.
*gets pen and fancy paper.*
How do I love thee? Let me count the pepperonis…
Yeah. That’s the good stuff.
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