Saturday, August 17, 2013

We hope, because who wants to be haunted by tiny ghosts of headphones? I mean, that would be probably harmless but still creepy. (Obituaries For My Stuff)

Red headphones passed away earlier this week of natural causes: they were found by Mr F, who likes to chew on the earbuds and maybe does not realize how this affects the ability of Red headphones to do their job.  Although they were left out in the open rather than being put in the pouch where the rest of the electronics gear sits to protect it from young people, Red headphones preferred, even to the end, to look on the positive side and blame nobody.  We hope.

Red headphones from a young age had dreamed of a career in which they provided music and sounds to an appreciative listener, and after a lengthy time in a warehouse and then on a Dollar Store shelf, Red headphones got their big break, being put into use to play a variety of music and podcasts on long drives.  At the height of their career, Red headphones were used to listen to an episode of The League quietly at night on a Kindle while Sweetie slept on the other side of the bed. Red headphones performed that night under the utmost of pressure and would frequently brag about it afterwards to Charging cord and LED Flashlight that used to be a keychain.

Red headphones are survived by Yellow headphones, but probably not for long.


Pat Dilloway said...

I had a pair of ear buds from Big Lots that only lasted 3 uses. Piece of crap.

Andrew Leon said...

Maybe your earwax tastes like cheese puffs?

Briane P said...


We can't rule that out.


I get all my headphones from the Dollar Store. They work as well as the headphones I bought once for $17 at Best Buy, and I don't get upset when they don't work.