Thursday, September 12, 2013

With each day of my life, I sank down closer to Hell...

"Temporary Anne," my all-new, all-terrifying, horror novel, comes out TODAY! To celebrate, I'm writing a short horror story LIVE! Well, not live, but sort of: I'm writing it AS I GO, on 10 different blogs, in sections, with each plot twist chosen by those blog hosts and their readers!

Part ONE is up today and hosted by Tina Downey at 
Life Is Good

Tina, an ice-wall climbing, Super-8 Monster loving, someday-going-to-Mars blogger, tells hilariously engaging stories about her life; check her blog outnot just TODAY, for the introduction to the superfrightening This Is How I... short story, but EVERY DAY.

CLICK HERE to go to Tina's blog and check this out.

A contemporary horror classic, "Temporary Anne" presents the terrifying tale of a woman who avoids eternal damnation by sending others to take her place, scrambling to avoid the minions of Mephistopheles while searching for a way to allow her ravaged body to serve her indomitable will. The frightening images -- demons made of ice, babies' souls consumed -- will stick with you for as long as Temporary Anne exists -- which is FOREVER.

Get it on Amazon for $0.99!  And watch for the blog tour where you can win free copies of this book and all my others.  The tour will be:


Rusty Webb said...

You had me at hello... if you'd said hello, so I guess you really had me at Hell, which if 4/5ths of a hello. And that's close enough for me.

Congrats on the release, it really is a big deal.

Briane P said...

Thanks, Rusty!