Wednesday, October 02, 2013

If the baby spiders don't get you...


My blog tour in support of Temporary Anne has hit part 8, and you can read the latest installment of the This Is How I... there! It's a
phenomenal horror story, and THERE ARE TWISTS IN IT YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE.

Writer/quilter/mother Jess uses her blog to review books she reads and to tell you about the book she's writing -- her blog is always entertaining and thoughtful.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO JESS' BLOG,and read the story!.

You already know that "Temporary Anne" has won rave reviews for its story of a woman too evil to simply go to Hell when she dies, and you can get her story for just $0.99 by clicking here, but there's also a SPECIAL OFFER today only:


The short stories here will introduce unforgettable people living remarkable lives. Cowboys wander in a timeless desert. Scientists meet in secret to plot a new way to get attention, and money, from people. A man and his would-be lover try to find lions on safari, and more. The people and places in this book spring to life fully-formed and full of anxiety and imagination. They worry about the time they have had and the time they have left. They bury their loved ones and look for new friends. They talk and laugh and hope and cry and die, while their friends and family and enemies and Gods watch them, seeing, in their faces and actions and fears, a portrait of just exactly how life looks.


A Beer For The Shower said...

So. Much. Free. Writing. When will you stop giving it away and make me pay for it? I'm feeling guilty over here, and I usually only feel guilt when I run over a hooker and don't stop to pull over and take the money she'll no longer need (now that she's dead, of course).

Briane P said...

Never cry over... no. I can't think of a way to make "hooker" sound like "milk." Same reason I got held back in 8th grade. (I went to a progressive school.)

Tina said...

I'm enjoying the story!
Tina @ Life is Good