Monday, November 11, 2013

Children Standing In Front Of Art

Here's how those were made....

(From the Madison Public Library)


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Did you miss this?

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Andrew Leon said...

Maybe you should start selling prints of some of your photography? You have some cool stuff.

Briane P said...

According to an actual statistic I read once, the average number of views for a photo on the Internet is zero.

That's how averages can be both misleading and amazingly accurate at the same time.

Rusty Webb said...

Wait, there were pictures with this post... I'll have to go back and check again...

THERE WERE! Who knew?

I desperately want to make a joke about x (x being something most certainly, NOT ART) being a revered piece of art that gets in a museum. But then a quick search of the internet shows me that my joke isn't a joke, because x has been art before.

Where X is:
People (real people, just standing around)
Duct Tape on Styrofoam (wait, you've seen that one)

All of which tend to comment on war, commercialism, waste, whatever. It's so hard to come up with something original that I guess if you do, even if it's stupid, it gets praise, because it's original, and that's a big deal.

Anyway, I like your pictures.