Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Picture Of The Day

Do you like money?

Do you like to write?


Pat Dilloway said...

Huzzah on getting your story published!

Briane P said...

Yep! I'm a REAL AUTHOR! Just like my fairy godmother said I would be if I listened to Jiminy Cricket. Hopefully one day I will not have this donkey tail.

Andrew Leon said...

Cool story, but I think you have a typo:
"I don’t want to go for it myself, because you might have snipers up in the second floors that will take that as a move to shoot you."
I think that should be "shoot me."

I tried to comment over there, but it wouldn't let me.

Andrew Leon said...

Oh, also, I responded to your comment on my post, in case you haven't worked out the "subscribe" button, yet.

Briane P said...


EDITORS! They wreck everything.

Andrew Leon said...

That is probably true.

Rusty Webb said...

Congrats to you, sir. Very good tale in that 'Stranger than Fiction' sort of way.

I especially enjoyed that the officer in charge was reading lines at the same time commenting on them. I'm not so sure he's as brilliant an actor as he thinks he is. I was rooting for Bart, personally.