Wednesday, November 20, 2013

This is the ONE thing Mr Bunches wants you to know about him. (Life With Unicorns)

Today I got to have lunch with Mr Bunches at his school.  While I was waiting for him to come out of the class, I looked at the latest projects the kids had done. The assignment was to write, on a computer, a sentence beginning with "The most important thing about me is..." and then finish the sentence and draw a picture of that thing.

Some kids said their most important thing was that they were nice, or that they took care of their dog or other pet. (Three pets were frogs. Is that the hot new pet? Because I was thinking turtle.)  One kid said the most important thing about him was that he eats peanut butter & jelly.  (NAILED IT.)

Then there was Mr Bunches' sign:

Which also? I'm not sure it's even true.

My favorite is that the spider appears pretty nonplussed about Mr Bunches' love for him.


Andrew Leon said...

Does that mean that -you- need to get him a spider as a pet? You. Or did you get over your whole spider thing after that story?

Speaking of spiders... well, no, that would be telling.

Briane P said...

"Get over"? No way. I'll "get over" my spider hatred when spiders "get over" how they want to drop into my mouth as I sleep and lay eggs in my brain.

So there will be NO spiders as pets. I'm pushing for a guinea pig, but Sweetie thinks a turtle is the highest we can go. A turtle at the office.

A spider-related teaser? HMMM.

Rusty Webb said...

Spider-Pets! That's what the world needs way more of!

Also, I commented on your post yesterday, I did I did I did. I did. Dammit... did you delete it? You know, I almost always check back to see if you commented on my comments. Sadly, only rarely does it happen.

BUT - I saw where you said in your post tag that you started The Passage! That's totally how I think you would write a vampire story. I swear. I didn't see your tweet from yesterday until a few minutes ago, which made me come here, to comment because I don't feel like doing the 140 character thing right now, I'm just not in the mood for it. I need more elbow room for a comment today.

Of course, I'm about to read your vampire story, as I'm reading part 2 of Andrew's collections of Shadow Spinner stories. Pretty exciting I think. We'll see how close your story is to the one I think you would have written.

Briane P said...


I think I commented back your comment.

As for Spider-Pets, here is an Actual Update That Actually Happened:

Today, Mr Bunches came home from school and while watching a movie on the computer, a small spider crossed the table. He got a paper towel and killed it.

When I asked him why he did that he said they were "not nice." I said "Don't you love spiders?"

He said "No."

So he lied to everyone in that school.

As for "The Passage," I'm up to Chapter 4 or 5 and it's still really, really awesome. You were right. So far, though, it's not very vampire-y and it reminds me a lot of "The Stand," in how it is setting up this terrible thing that's going to happen.

But it's one of those books that makes me wish I could write that well.

PS: I'm glad someone reads the tags; I just started doing that.

Andrew Leon said...

Oh ho! Maybe I'll finally get some reviews on collection 2 after Rusty finishes it!

What are these post tags? And what's The Passage?

Liz A. said...

Perhaps he was influenced by all the Halloween decorations. Lots have spiders in them.

Briane P said...

The tags are to help you find other similar or related posts. They're in tiny print at the edge/bottom of the post.

"The Passage" is an awesome book that is apparently vampire centric and Rusty recommended it.


You may be right. Right now, Mr Bunches is consumed by Christmas, so if he had to do it over again, we might get a more upbeat Important Thing.

Tina said...

I noticed the tags, and was of course entertained by the non-sequiterishness of some of them.
There will be NO spider pets in this house. I've gotten over killing them though, because as a small child, one of mine (who shall remain nameless because he's a teenager and who wants it on the internet that he's arachnophobic, I mean, I embarrass them enough as it is) would really freak out and so the mama bear thing came out and loaded with wads of paper towels I set out to rid my world of the creatures.
I don't suppose you want to hear the story of the biggest one I ever killed...
Tina @ Life is Good