Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Xmas!

Traditionally, this is when I post an essay about Xmas.  This year, I did not write an essay about Xmas, for a variety of reasons, chief among which was that I wrote a bunch of Xmas stories and posted them online.  You can find them on my blog lit, a place for stories.  They are:

"What Xmas Means To Me: A Choose-Your-Own Adventure."

"Sally, Who Never Existed."

, 2"

"Ten Extremely Short And Sometimes Surprising Xmas Stories"


"It's The Higgs Boson Xmas Special!"

You can also find a couple of old Xmas essays on "Me, Annotated":

"Sexy Traditional Xmas," in which I discuss 8 traditional Xmas songs that have nothing to do with Xmas at all, and

"Sexy Merry Guckmas," in which I discuss such cherished family holiday traditions as "Fort Christmas," the "Throwing of the L" and a Poop-mergency (TM).

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