Friday, January 03, 2014

Magically appearing bacon, and other favorite photos from 2013.

Some of these may be repeats, as I loaded them in over the past few days. So if there's duplicates, enjoy them twice!

Or get a sense of deja vu. Whatever.

And that's it!


Rusty Carl said...

A few things quickly come to mind;

1) We own the exact same lamp. I checked, I'm pretty sure they were right beside on another on the assembly line. Mine was $5 at a flea market though. So I feel thrifty about it.

2) Did your Zombie movie ever come out? Is it available for mass consumption?

3) Whenever there is a roadsign here that can have a message that isn't advertising something on sale, it's going to be a bible verse. Every. Time.

Totally not true, sometimes they're just religious sayings, not directly from the bible. But I've never, EVER, seen something witty on a road sign here. Not even once.

It makes me sad.

Great pics.

Andrew Leon said...

I like the bicycle one, today. Very CSI.
And the footprints, which look strangely inverted.

Briane P said...


Lots of road signs are about God, but I saw one talking about kissing Jingle Balls. No lie. And I got my lamp at the St. Vincent De Paul "Dig & Save" outlet. We are thrift brothers.

The Zombie Movie will be out in January I believe:


Yeah, I don't know how they got that way. Those were Mr F's prints.