Sunday, February 23, 2014

I have solved this problem, seriously. (Thinking The Lions)

This was always one of MY big complaints, too:

Because who wants soggy cereal? NOT ME. Not Linus, either.  I always felt like Linus and I were kindred spirits.

So what I used to do was use very very little milk, thereby ensuring that the bulk of the cereal would remain dry and crispy while allowing me access to milk, but nowadays my breakfast is about 113% likely to get interrupted by stuff, so one day I hit on this UNIQUE SUPERINTELLIGENT INNOVATION:

I put the milk in a cup and have it on the side.

So now if I have a bowl of cereal I eat it dry, with a spoon, and wash it down with ice-cold milk and I never ever ever have to look with a distasteful grimace at the sloppy glop that is Apple Jacks in warm milk.

Me: 1, Life: 0.  (Life probably has a few more points than that, actually.)


Liz A. said...

When I was a kid, I refused to put milk in my cereal. (I was a strange kid. I'm still rather strange when it comes to food.)

Andrew Leon said...

Or get sog resistant cereal. Like me.

Robin said...

This is funny. When I was a kid I insisted on eating my cereal dry. No milk. I couldn't stand the soggy cereal. Later, I learned to eat it very fast when I put the milk on. Now I don't eat cereal. But if I ever start again, I will try the milk on the side.

With the whole "on the side" thing do you feel like Sally from When Harry Met Sally????

A Beer For The Shower said...

I once dated a girl who thought she'd do something nice by making me cereal in the morning. She started putting it together the moment she heard me wake up, and by the time I actually walked to the kitchen it was entirely soggy. I thanked her, tossed it in the sink (it was absolutely disgusting), and got myself a new bowl. I told her you're supposed to pour the milk RIGHT before you eat it, and then only. She got deeply offended.

I don't think I have to tell you that that one didn't work out.

Briane P said...


NOW I do.


What kind of cereal is sog resistant?


You and me, both. This is just one of my many many neurotic responses to food.

Andrew Leon said...