Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Today in First Grade, Mr Bunches' class had to write a persuasive letter (Life With Unicorns)

To Mom

We should go to Shopko. I want a Megarig big car build system. I will clean my room. I will help clean my kitchen.  I will wash your hands...

There is a triceratops. There is a golden necklace. I will play with it.


[Mr Bunches]


You have to admit, he makes a compelling argument.

(Sweetie says: "He had me at "To Mom." But then, she's a pushover.)


Robin said...

I hope you save that one. My mom saved some letters that I wrote when I was a kid. It's a trip to read later. Thanks for sharing:)

Pat Dilloway said...

Well I'm convinced.

Andrew Leon said...

That's awesome. Especially that he will wash her hands.

Briane P said...


We've saved pretty much everything they've ever done. We're like a Smithsonian Institute Of Mr F And Mr Bunches.

PT, Andrew: You can see he's got a bright future. Nobody gets PT to do anything!

Liz A. said...

Well, did he get it?