Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I laughed so hard I choked. (The Greatest Thing In The World, EVER!)

Once, I made a casserole. Usually, Sweetie makes the casserole, which is just ground beef and macaroni and cheese, and which is delicious. (I'm not sure it is a "casserole," but that's what we call it. My mom called it "Hamburger and Noodles." Mom was not one to be creative with the dish names.)** But once, I made the casserole, and, as I am prone to do, I wanted to fancy it up.  So I thought, I will make a barbecue casserole, and I bought some barbecue sauce.

The night I made it, I put a little barbecue sauce in the basic casserole, and stirred it around.  I tasted it, and it tasted like casserole.  So I put a little more barbecue sauce in.

"Be careful with that," said Sweetie, adding "A little barbecue sauce goes a long way," but I didn't listen to her because I am stupid.  And I put the entire bottle in, and the casserole was very barbecue flavored.  It was barbecue flavored enough to stun a moose at 30 yards.

And so barbecue casserole joined "Sage Tacos" (spilled the spice into the pan), "Cincinnati Chili" (cooked on too high a heat, got distracted), that one time I cooked the lasagna too long and it turned solid (self-explanatory) and other culinary disasters I have caused.

(Pride causes me to add: I am supergood at making pizzas, from scratch.)(It's just everything else I can't cook.)

I bring this up because of the website I have been obsessed with all weekend and this week.  It's called "Someone Ate This," and it consists of real-life photos people post to the web of food that's so weirdly gross it's impossible to believe it's real, plus snarky comments.  Like this:

I like to eat a leaf and remember the good old days when I didn’t eat a leaf.


That's one of the hundreds they have on this site.

Here's another



The tags are as funny as the comments.  I couldn't stop reading them. I've read every one of them on their site now.    You should go read all of them now and never stop laughing, like I am.

Someone Ate This on Tumblr

**except for "Million Dollar Candy," which is another story altogether.


Andrew Leon said...

My cousin put ketchup in cereal once, and my oldest son has had ketchup on pancakes, but that's about as weird as I can think of right now.

Pat Dilloway said...

I've tried a few culinary experiments, most of which end up to be complete failures. I consider it a success though if I don't set off the smoke detector.

Briane Pagel said...

Once my sister demanded that we make her a bologna and jelly sandwich for lunch. We refused but she had a tantrum and so we finally gave in and then she wouldn't eat it. That night, she told my mom about how we tried to "make" her eat bologna and jelly and my mom didn't believe us that she insisted on it so we had to eat that for dinner.

The sandwich wasn't as gross as you'd imagine.

Andrew Leon said...

Oh! That reminds of this one time my brother ate a Vienna sausage and peanut butter sandwich, but he liked it.

Tina said...

I'm very experimental with food, and though presentation goes a long way, I'll try something even if it looks weird or sounds weird. I'm into ethnic foods, and have tried some interesting parts of animals that we don't usually eat as Americans. Of course I love sushi, and so many people have problems with even the concept...
We make that same "casserole" Briane, and I think BBQ sauce wasn't an entirely stupid idea. Just using the whole bottle thing...
Tina @ Life is Good
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Liz A. said...

At least you try to cook. That's something.

I'll have to check out that site...when it's not just before dinner and I'm hungry. Don't want to spoil my appetite.

Jean Davis said...

That is one dried up looking leaf. Maybe the steaming goop makes the leaf better? Probably not.

Your sauce incident reminds me of the nice pink color I was going for when coloring the frosting for my daughter's birthday cake. Just a little more. Hmm, maybe a smidge more. Not quite. More. Oh, I like where this is going. This glop ought to do it. Holy hells, it's blinding-make-even-Barbie-want-to-puke pink!

Rusty Carl said...

Wait... you can make great pizza and you still try to make other things? I don't understand.