Thursday, May 29, 2014

I'm not actually here today. Then again, I'm not actually HERE any day. This is a website and we're not in the matrix.

Not a real stegosaurus.
The Blog Tour begins!  Starting today and continuing through June, I will be blogging at various other people's sites, piggybacking my own hopes and dreams onto their carefully-crafted, well-maintained, finely tuned... I'm out of synonyms.  Whatever.

Anyway, this tour is to promote Indie Writers Monthly, which is a website, a magazine, and possibly the highest achievement civilization has managed since the McGriddle (history will decide that one).

Today, the tour is on Sizzling Hot YA Books, thanks to the volunteerism of Heather Powell and Marissa Dobson.  Click over there to learn the first of many reasons you should be reading Indie Writers Monthly (Today's tip: You could learn how to go back and tell your teenage self that no, feathered hair really isn't that cool.)


Andrew Leon said...

I don't know... I still kind of like feathered hair.
And I need to know which color the prescription is for.

Liz A. said...

Feathered hair is awesome. In the right decade.