Saturday, June 07, 2014


Nobody's gonna accuse ME of false advertising.
You  may remember, a while back, that I mentioned I was having URL troubles on my blog, lit a place for stories.

Today, I learned there is a fix, and I learned that the fix costs $39.95 a year.  And I learned that I am not willing to pay $39.95 a year just to have a given domain name, because who cares about a domain name?

But I still want to publish my (and YOUR) stories, so I have moved lit yet again, hopefully for the last time.  It's now located here, and the schedule will be slightly altered in that I'll be publishing one of my stories there each week (usually on Saturdays).  I'll let you know on this blog when that happens, too.

Don't forget that I'll pay YOU for YOUR stories, so feel free to click over there and check out the submission guidelines, but really don't bother because they are (a) email me your story and (b) I'll pay you for it.

I've posted the first story on lit today: The Window:  when two boys threw a rock into the window of the old shed, the piercing scream that ensued was only the first clue that something terrible had just happened. Or was about to.



Andrew Leon said...

No gnus is good gnus!

Liz A. said...

Oh. I get it. It took me long enough.