Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Some pictures from the past 2 weeks.

Mr Bunches at the Mad Science show at the library.
The balloon had baking soda, the beaker had vinegar.
Mr F wading in the river along the "bridges" nature walk. 

Mr F and Mr Bunches on the "felled tree."
(Mr Bunches named it, accurately.)

Mr Bunches, re-enacting the climactic scenes of "Ratatouille," if they took
place in a river. (Seriously. That is what he is doing.)

Mr F getting ready to roll down a hill. 

We have been teaching Mr F to big wheel this summer.
He found out the grass is harder to pedal in. 

"Dad, can you make a T-Rex out of Play-Doh?"
"Yes, I can."

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