Saturday, August 02, 2014

Today on 'lit, a place for stories':

A new surrealist short story:

 An aardvark and a komodo dragon ran into each other one day, an unlikely prospect as one of them lives in its region, and another lives in its own region, and it does not seem as though those regions would overlap.  Do not expect, though, more specifics than that about which region each lived in, for what good would it do to tell you that the aardvark roams the savannahs of the southern African continent (if that is what it does, and where it does it, also unlikely, as aardvarks do not seem the type to roam, but more the type to stroll leisurely, or perhaps stand and ruminate for lengthy periods of time)? What good would it do? It is not central to the story, whereas the fact that these two happened to meet, at all, is, in fact, central to the story, as it led to a battle to the death, as so often meetings do.

Here is how they met, these two previously-unknown-to-each-other now-mortal-enemies....


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