Thursday, September 04, 2014

The Nattering Nabobs Of Negativism Have Invaded The IWM Offices...

... as if they were no better than a bunch of Tribbles!

THAT is the kind of timely humor and references you simply can't pay enough for, right? And it's just an example of the wit and wisdom on display in the September issue of Indie Writers Monthly:

That's right: IWM is going negative this month.  Our writers talk about how to handle negative reviews and other negative experiences, and there's an article on a bunch of famous writers who somehow made it big even though The New York Times found their books distasteful.

All that quality content means we don't even have to offer you an interview with a writer and a short story, too, AND YET THAT'S WHAT WE DID!

Which means it'd be crazy to try to cram even more content into this issue and yet WE DID THAT TOO, folding space and time to give you, absolutely free, the entire contents of issue 1, so for your $0.99 investment, you get TWO MAGAZINES IN ONE.

I don't even know why you're still reading this.  Is it because you're hoping for a photo of Spiro Agnew dressed as Tonto?

FINE. Here it is:

Now GO BUY THE MAGAZINE!  And by "BUY" I mean GET IT FOR FREE because it's free between now and September 8.  AND at the same time, we're offering a free download of Issue 3, too.

Click here to download issue 7, "The Negative Issue" FREE! 

Click here for issue 3, free, too, because you'll download anything that's free even if you never intend to read it really dedicated to becoming a better writer.


And while you're at it, dow

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