Sunday, October 26, 2014

Thoughts While Raking Leaves

Today I began the arduous process of raking the leave in our yard.  We get about 33 billion metric tons of leaves falling in our yard every year.  I don't know what a "metric" ton is, but it sounds larger than just a regular old layperson's ton.

Anyway, I was wondering how much more work living in Wisconsin imposes on homeowners.  If you live in a place where leaves don't fall from the trees and you don't get snow, you don't have to rake and you don't have to shovel.  So it seems to me like living in Wisconsin actually is harder than living somewhere else even if you like snow.

Also today, a bug flew out of the sky and straight at my head and nearly into my eye and all I could think was "Man, what was up with that bug?"

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