Saturday, November 01, 2014

Shameless Self Promotion Time! (Plus Some Shameless Promotion Of Others.)

My story

The Secret Origins Of Wolverine's Leather Jacket,

the title for which came from one of P.T. Dilloway's rants/comics recaps,

is available for FREE to read on Punchnel's.

It's a story that's far more about a kid who's just starting to figure things out than it is about superheroes and their leather jackets. It's also pretty short -- only about 500 wordsish.  So check it out by clicking here.


While you're at it, follow P.T. Dilloway's blog about his adventures across America, which have been entertaining so far.  And don't fret that I stole P.T.'s line for my story's title.  He's creative enough to spare some words, having written something like 50 books so far.  My favorite of his is the Scarlet Knight series,

which he has helpfully bundled into two sets (there's 8 books total) and which are for sale through Planet 99 Publishing by clicking here.

P.T., by the way, is the only writer I know whose creations have actually broken out into the real world, as demonstrated by this actual kid's costume from the actual costume parade at the actual school of my actual kids this past week:

Have any of your characters become Halloween costumes?

I would be remiss if I did not note that my buddy Andrew Leon has a new, awesome book out:

It's actually two shorter stories but they are among his most entertaining yet.  "What Time Is The Tea Kettle?" in particular is amazing. Click here for that one.

And while I am at it, Brandon Meyers (of A Beer For The Shower fame) got a great review from Andrew for this book:

which I immediately added to my wishlist because I used all my allowance buying Andrew's book, and yeah, I know Halloween is over but you can still read scary stories in November, pal.  It's allowed. So click here for that one.

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