Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Xmas!

The final song:  "Winter" by The Rolling Stones.

A bonus: A free story from my already very-reasonably priced (just $0.99!) collection "Some Xmas Stories" which would make excellent reading for you and your family tonight around the tree!  This story isn't "Other Snowmen," which is my personal favorite among them all, but it's a good one:

Xmas Monsters

We all got monsters for Xmas, monsters so beautifully amazing, so fun to look at, nobody even minded when they started destroying everything.

They made the destruction beautiful! They sung hymns through their fangs as they tore down skyscrapers or collapsed bridges full of cars full of people coming home from midnight Mass. Things exploded like fireworks or glowed like stars. We survivors followed them through the decimated city, enthralled as electricity arced against ivory claws, as the screams of the dying harmonized with the monsters’ choir.

They tore apart May’s gramma’s house while they sang We Three Kings and May thought that was extra-special because it was her gramma’s favorite carol. 

When everything was destroyed, they retreated into the wilderness.  We huddled around a burning pile of cars, watching the sparks fly off into the sky, where the northern lights were visible above the glowing wreckage of city. It was beautiful.  Stephen said “We should do this every year.


Remember, you can buy that collection of short stories right here for less than a buck! It would make me very happy for Xmas if I sold, like, a million copies.  And that's what Xmas is all about, right?

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