Sunday, December 21, 2014

Songs That Barely Mention Xmas, Plus Photos!

It's just four days 'til Xmas Eve, and there's no snow on the ground in Wisconsin, plus it's kind of rainy.  But I've finished my Xmas shopping, the decorations have all been built, I've only got two days left of work before a five-day weekend (and one of those is a day when I spend most of it driving and in court, so it's not even like a workday!), and that all makes it a perfect time to have an upbeat song that's not upbeat really if you listen to the lyrics, but which does mention Xmas:  "I Don't Love Anyone" by Belle & Sebastian:

And a picture! From outside Milwaukee's City Hall:

 Plus bonus pictures from Xmas shopping yesterday:

FYI He WASN'T drunk. Just waiting for the shopping part of the trip to be over and the skee-ball part to start.

And then Mr Bunches took Mr F's picture.

"We did twenty takes, and that was the best one." -- Mr Burns

And even though it's not free anymore you can still get for just $0.99 some great Xmas stories:

The latest Some _____ Stories has hit the shelves! AND IT'S TEMPORARILY FREE!

It's got SIXTEEN DIFFERENT Xmas stories -- most of them brand-new and never read before, including my newest favoritest story I've ever written, "Other Snowmen".  And it features a bonus excerpt from an Andrew Leon book -- so for just $0.99, you'll be getting ALL THE HOLIDAY ENTERTAINMENT YOU COULD EVER WANT. Seriously,  Xmas will seem pretty anticlimactic after how great this book is.

So click here to go download it now,

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