Friday, January 09, 2015

The other nice thing about being 46 is that you get to take home all the leftover pizza.

Tonight for my birthday, we all went out for pizza.  Mr Bunches played a bunch of games like SkeeBall and things where you win tickets.  

He got 71 tickets, and traded them in for some dinosaurs and some army men.

I got some books and a sweater, a new belt, funny socks, and a t-shirt with SpongeBob and Patrick riding a glowing cat, among other presents.

I told the older kids over dinner that tomorrow we were taking the boys to see a yo-yo exhibition downtown.

Oldest Daughter said: "You're kind of a dork."

She's right.

But the nice thing about being 46 is you don't have to care anymore about being a dork.

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