Wednesday, March 25, 2015


So the first one to post everything between the lines (or a reasonable facsimile but you've got to incldue the book cover) on their blog gets an advanced reader copy of my new book FOR FREE:


Here is the cover for Briane Pagel's new scifi thriller Codes, available April 1 for preorder through Golden Fleece Press.

Find out more about this book by following Briane on Twitter:


Or check out his blog:

Thinking The Lions:


Don't let me down, you three people who regularly read this blog!  It's all in your hands, now.

I'll determine who is first by who is the first commenter to say they are first and then I'll verify and ARGLEBARGLE LAWYER TALK.


CODES is the story that began it's life being called Find Out Who You Are; I mentioned it way way back in September 2014. It is, as I described it to the publisher when I submitted it... a book? I can't remember exactly what I said it was so I'll paraphrase:

It's a scifi thriller set in a world where corporations have found a way to clone humans quickly, and to download personalities into them -- personalities that can be tweaked to make the person exactly the way you want them to be.  

Is there a small  band of desperate individuals hatching an insane plan to bring down the massive corporation against all odds? YOU'LL JUST HAVE TO READ IT TO FIND OUT.  Also, yes, there is.  

Remember, the book is CODES.  You can pre-order it on April 1 from Golden Fleece Press.  Mark that date on your calendar! Actually, it's probably already on your calendar. So just maybe make a mental note of it.

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