Thursday, March 26, 2015

There is no better way to demonstrate how awful the world is....

This 8-year-old volunteered to
make a sandwich for me. THAT IS
... than by noting that we live in a country in which people can afford (a) to own cats, which are basically expensive decorations that cost more money as time goes on*

*I kind of get it, we used to own three cats, one of which I was directly responsible for purchasing, and also we have kids, which are kind of the same principal only they are more expensive and more destructive to your soul but less decorative. Still the point is valid

 and (b) to feed those cats things like Fancy Feast etc etc and also (c) those Americans then can go out to restaurants and pay good money to eat fish, which is disgusting already but paying for it is worse, and (d) ALL OF THOSE THINGS ARE MADE POSSIBLE BY SLAVE LABOR.

An AP report which I read excerpted on Gawker details how the people who catch a lot of the fish you and your cat eat work 20-22 hours a day, drink dirty water, live in cages and, if they misbehave, they are whipped with stingray tails.

YUM FISH.  It's the tears of the dead people who produced it that give it that special flavor.

I can be high-handed (?)(Is that a thing?) about this because I'm reasonably sure that nothing I eat/wear/use was made by slave labor.  After all, I get most of my stuff from Target and Wal-Mart.  Nothing wrong with those two fine corporations, right? But still, fish is gross, and you are probably gross if you go on eating it after reading this.  If you must have a cat, feed it mice like God/cartoons intended.

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