Thursday, July 16, 2015

Finally a reason to go to Manassas Virginia

Other than to see the birthplace of both Ravi Shankar and George Zimmerman, that is.

The NEW reason to go to Manassas, Virginia, is that my book Codes is available for purchase there, at Prospero's Used Book Store, which is, as their banner says, the home of "Used Books, Maps & Prints" [AND CODES A BRILLIANT SCI FI NOVEL BY BRIANE PAGEL] I'm sure they're going to add that any day now.

At least go click on the link and give them some traffic. Plus, you can order used books online, in case you like to buy used books. Which I do, as I mentioned the other day. It really does look like an awesome place to visit, in person. They have a potbellied stove!

I really think this makes ME the most famous person linked to Manassas, Virginia.  Did Ravi Shankar ever write a poem about clones and evil corporations? Doubtful. Did George Zimmerman ever shoot one? Probably, but it was in Florida so it was totally okay because it kind of looked like the book might maybe be African-American.  Either way, I come out looking pretty good in this comparison.

Here, by the way, is a poem by Ravi Shankar:


Gregarious in hunger, a flock of twenty
turn circles like whorls of barbed wire,
no spot below flown over uncanvassed.

The closer to death the closer they come,
waiting on wings with keen impatient
perseverance, dark blades lying in wake

until age or wound has turned canter
into carcass or near enough for them
to swoop scrupulous in benediction,

land hissing, hopping, tearing, gorging.
no portion, save bone, too durable
to digest. What matters cannot remain.


The point is though you should definitely get the kids in the car, take a long weekend, and drive to Manassas, Virginia, to buy my book in hardcopy at Prospero's.  Tell them I sent you!  

Also, Manassas' local museum has apparently a collection of bells which I know people will think I'm being sarcastic about but which honestly I would like to see.  Sure there's pictures of them online but that doesn't give you the full experience.

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