Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I'm impressed/frightened that my mind works this way.

So there's this road on the way to the grocery store where one day Sweetie had to stop to re-belt in Mr F, who is a regular Houdini even though we have a safety vest, two seatbelts, and two carabiners holding him in.

On this road where Sweetie had to stop was an owl sitting atop a chimney near a house.  Sweetie took a picture of it after Mr Bunches spotted it.  She told me about it that night, and we agreed that was weird but not entirely unheard of, that there would be an owl during the day and in our area. A year or two back a big owl took up residence near us and drew some local media attention.

Then, a couple days later, Sweetie reported they'd driven by it again and the owl was there again. "It's creepy," she said.  "It's like it's looking at me."

The other day, we were in that area again so I pulled onto that road, and it was there, again:

Sweetie again thought it was creepy, and I agreed.  The owl is kind of a creepy bird.  So to help her out, I said:  "Maybe it's not an owl. Maybe it's just a really short guy in an owl suit." But she didn't think that helped at all.

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